BlueRock Energy Capital II, LLC

  • The Unique Capital Partner for Small Producers


Getting started

What We Need From You Prior To Evaluation:

  • Letter of Intent or PSA (if funding an acquisition)
  • Property and deal description, “The Story”
  • Customer’s engineering evaluation of properties
  • Use of proceeds
  • Production history, decline curves, state reports
  • Purchase statements, prior 12 months
  • Lease Operating Expense history, prior 24 months
  • Company financial statements
  • References and resumes

What We Look For:

  • Experienced industry professionals
  • Specific focus, e.g., area, trend or niche
  • Administrative expertise and processes
  • Uncomplicated corporate structure
  • Projects with existing production and upside potential
  • Integrity
quotequote-closePlease take the time to familiarize yourself with our submittal requirements. BlueRock does not evaluate deals in their pre-planning phase or negotiate terms of sale.  These items and how you are able to deliver them are how we evaluate your project and your team’s capabilities.